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Signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adults

These are symptoms of permanent, unchanging damage to the brain and are not within the child’s control. Although psychological factors such as abuse and neglect can add to the intensity of the problems, the behaviors should be viewed first and foremost as a result of brain damage from alcohol.

How does fetal alcohol syndrome features ears?

“Railroad track” ears: The top part (curve) of the outer ear is underdeveloped, folded over, and parallel to the curve beneath it, giving the appearance of a railroad track.

This causes a shortage of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.

Physical Signs and Effects of FAS in Adults

Know what to expect if your child does not take the medicine or have the test or procedure. Ask if your child’s condition can be treated in other ways. Treatment involves stabilization, detoxification, and rehabilitation of the alcohol-dependent person.

How do children with FAS behave?

Children with FASDs often have problems with learning, attention, memory, and problem solving, along with poor coordination, impulsiveness, and speech and hearing impairments. As kids with FASDs grow up, school behaviors, emotional, and social problems often get worse.

This uses your baby’s own tissue so if the new ear is ever injured, it heals just like a natural ear. The rebuilt ear may not look exactly like your baby’s other ear but it helps even out his appearance and allows him to wear glasses if needed. The ear is slightly smaller than usual, but all other parts of the ear are healthy. About 1 to 5 in 10,000 babies is born with microtia or anotia in the United States each year. Families may also get help by learning parenting skills and having access to respite care. But getting help early can help improve a child’s behavior. Cureus is on a mission to change the long-standing paradigm of medical publishing, where submitting research can be costly, complex and time-consuming.

Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND)

Timing of alcohol use during pregnancy is also important. Drinking alcohol is likely most harmful during the first 3 months of pregnancy. But drinking alcohol any time during pregnancy can be harmful.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder – NHS Website

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Posted: Wed, 23 Feb 2022 11:55:03 GMT [source]

There can also be mental and emotional challenges throughout the person’s life that can impact their social life, education and work. There are no exact statistics of how many people have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder . It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose a person with FASD because of the variety of symptoms and spectrum of severity. Also, not all people who drink while pregnant feel comfortable talking to their healthcare provider. This means that some people with mild symptoms of FASD might never be diagnosed. Many children with CdLS have additional physical abnormalities including various heart abnormalities.


Drinking six average drinks per day puts a fetus at definite risk to develop FAS. The amount of alcohol consumption that can lead to FAS cannot be anticipated; however, regular alcohol consumption is believed to cause an increase in fetal abnormalities. Although an occasional drink has not been proven to have harmful effects on the fetus, most obstetricians advise no alcohol during pregnancy. While not all children exposed to alcohol prenatally exhibit these symptoms, the most common ones are listed below. Abnormal facial features, including a smooth ridge between the nose and upper lip, a thin upper lip, and small eyes. Fetal alcohol syndrome happens when a person drinks any alcohol during pregnancy, including wine, beer, hard ciders and “hard liquor”.

fetal alcohol spectrum

This surgery involves several stages of surgery to make the new ear and position it correctly on your child’s head. It’s usually done when a child is older because the surgeon needs to remove cartilage from a rib in your child’s chest and use it to make the new ear. If a child is too young, there may not be enough cartilage to work with. Cartilage is a tough, flexible body tissue that is made mostly of water. It can be found throughout the body, including between the bones and joints and in the nose and ear. Your child’s surgeon also may want to wait until your child’s other ear has grown to its adult size before doing this surgery. A social worker is a mental health professional who helps people solve problems and make their lives better.

Toxic byproducts are produced when the fetal alcohol syndrome processes alcohol. These can then concentrate in the baby’s brain cells and cause damage. Various orthopedic techniques may be used to help treat limb deformities. Treatment with anticonvulsant medications may help prevent, reduce, or control seizures in some affected children. Specialized physical therapy, called vestibular rehabilitation, is sometimes prescribed to help with balance.



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