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The Best Payroll Software Solutions of 2023 The Motley Fool

best app for payroll

They also have valuable features such as a unified payroll solution, automated compliance with local labor laws, and real-time data access. Wise Business, formerly known as Wise, has made a name for itself in the world of international money transfers. As a reliable and efficient payroll solution for small businesses, Wise Business offers a range of features that cater to the unique needs of companies with a global workforce. Both the self- and full-service plans include free direct deposit, employee self-service payroll portals, workers compensation integration, and unlimited payroll runs. SurePayroll is an affordable and straightforward payroll software that offers automatic payroll runs, tax filing, and exceptional customer service.

Besides, you can track your spending here, and calculate how much money you have for a certain period of time. In this way, you will learn how to save your budget and be sure that the money will not best app for payroll go to unnecessary places. It is worth noting that the traffic and requests in the program are fully protected. You will not be able to find employee data, as this is also inaccessible information.

Key features of accounting software

If you want thorough human resource management, you might want to try a provider like Paychex or ADP. If you’re looking to save money, Patriot Software’s $17 self-service plan might be the best payroll solution for you. Before you commit to a payroll plan, thoroughly assess your own needs and make sure they mesh with your preferred plan.

best app for payroll

Gusto is best suited to small businesses and novice payroll managers, thanks to its usability, understandable workflow, and company support. But the app is capable of serving larger companies, and its scalability makes it possible for businesses to grow with it. Let’s talk about the benefits, providers, and tips for making mass payments for your business. While it may require some initial setup and manual data input, Excel’s formulas and functions can help you automate the calculations. But as your business grows, you’ll likely need to consider transitioning to a dedicated payroll software or service for a more streamlined and efficient experience. But, there are many payroll apps available on the Google Play Store and some that integrate with Google Workspace applications, like Sheets and Calendar.

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It’s also a way to systemize the payroll process, making errors less common. Given that payroll software can frequently have its complicated aspects we always make a point of checking the customer support side too. This should ideally include phone, email and chat options, supplemented by plenty of documentation and training where possible.

  • Ideal for small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, this software provides all the necessary features and functions a payroll application should have.
  • Though slightly lacking in payroll-related tools and resources, the software offers an astonishing number of HR resources and compliance tools, including videos, webinars, white papers, and guides.
  • Now that you know the best cheap payroll services, it’s time to choose one for your business.
  • It is worth noting that an employee will be able to apply for vacation or business trips at any time and approve apps as well.
  • SurePayroll is an online payroll service designed for small business owners who want to simplify the entire payroll process.

It also has a contractor-only plan that’s $6 per month per person. The contractor plan allows you to make unlimited contractor payments, has four-day direct deposit, generates 1099-NECs at year-end and includes new hire reporting. If you have international contractors, this is available as an add-on. However, most completely free payroll software don’t include payroll apps. For instance, Payroll4Free and eSmart Paycheck are only available via web browser.

How To Choose a Cheap Payroll Service

At, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don’t guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services. QuickBooks Payroll syncs easily with your existing accounting software, making bookkeeping a breeze. We know that’s vague, but bear in mind that ADP is still one of the few payroll providers to even have an employer-facing app.

With Gusto, you are a few clicks away from running your employees’ payrolls and filing taxes in a timely and accurate manner. Gusto’s Run payroll feature provides employers with a clear overview of everyone’s hours and wages — both salaried and hourly employees. Another important thing to mention is Gusto comes with the option to withhold taxes stress-free and remain compliant with tax laws in your state. Whether you are a small, midsized, or large business with 1,000+ employees — RUN by ADP has got you covered. Apart from facilitating the process of handling employee payrolls, RUN helps you file payroll taxes accurately and ensures you stay compliant with changing payroll regulations.

This is a distinct feature that medium and large companies don’t need. They run their payroll out of a large office, or outsource it entirely. A business’ accounting software should be able to integrate seamlessly with the other solutions in their software stack. Businesses can also track their data efficiently through the Everlance mobile app, automatically tracking drivers’ mileage using GPS.

Surprisingly powerful for a small business payroll application, Square Payroll is easy to use, affordably priced, and integrates with other Square applications as well as QuickBooks Online. We’ve looked at both on-premise and online applications at all price points, including one free application. So read our reviews, try out a few demos, and find the payroll application that’s perfect for you. QuickBooks earns our nod for the easiest setup because its user interface is so intuitive for anyone familiar with QuickBooks.



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